Go to Mediation! is a project implemented by mediation centres in 9 European Countries: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain and... Belgium. The project focuses on the promotion of mediation in civil and commercial disputes; the improvement of access to justice; the improvement of contacts, exchange of information and networking between mediation practitioners.

Project objectives are reached through:

  • a large scale awareness raising campaign (toolkit, seminars, media): see our activities (below)
  • a European clearing house for cross-border B2B conflicts, - see the website: Go to mediation.eu
  • a reinforced cohesion between European practicioners (best practices exchange, quality standards, mutual recognition),
  • quality information and statistics and communication with policy makers.

Activities in this project:


Project Partners

The consortium aims at creating high impact thanks to the large scale of the actions and the critical mass of practitioners and Chambers of Commerce involved. Project partners are:

The project started in January 2013 and will last 2 years.

Go to Mediation! project co-funded by the European Commission




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