Communiqué de presse - 26.01.2017

Director of Robert Walters Belgium analyses the Belgian labour market:

“More jobs, candidate shortages and salary increases for specialists”

As revealed in the latest Global Salary Survey of recruitment specialist Robert Walters, strong economic growth and surging business confidence meant hiring managers faced talent shortages and an increasingly complex and competitive recruitment market in 2016. “As the war for talent will continue to intensify, employers will need to offer a stimulating and appealing working environment”, says Antoine Biot, Director Belgium.

In 2016, the demand for finance professionals in permanent roles was the highest among multinationals and large companies in the Brussels region and with SMEs in Flanders. Antoine Biot: “One of the reasons that jobs have shifted to Flanders is due to our capital’s mobility issue which has caused companies to look for alternative ways of working and decentralize where possible.”

Further digitalisation will result in candidate shortages

Despite restructurations and layoffs being announced within the banking sector, we expect the overall number of jobs in finance to increase. Organisations have been involving their financial departments more in their strategic plans, resulting in a continued high demand for professionals in audit, controlling, analysis, compliance and risk management. Internal processes are being reviewed with the aim of improving operational efficiency. Biot: “Digitalisation will push demand for IT security officers and digital specialists resulting in candidate shortages in these domains and competition for talent will continue to intensify.“

Salaries will rise, but not for everyone

Salaries within the banking sector will remain relatively stable. However, given the shortage of strongly qualified candidates, specialists in risk management, compliance and digitalisation will be in a position to negotiate higher salaries. Our annual Salary Survey reveals that salary increases seen in 2016 for permanent roles in audit, consolidation, controlling and analysis will further increase in 2017. Biot: “85% of employers recently surveyed said they already offer their employees flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. We expect companies to focus even more on investing in ways to improve their staff an ideal work/life balance in 2017.”

Read more in the full interview with Antoine Biot.

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