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25nov4:00 pm8:00 pmGrowth Circle: War for Talents - Ed #02

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Are you serious about scaling your business?

If so, follow Churchill’s advice : Growth is never by mere chance; it’s the result of forces working together.

If money is fuel, talents are the engine.

There is no single recipe for attracting, leading and retaining top talents:

  • Do you attract talents with high salaries and fat bonuses ?

  • Do double down on creating a unique culture and combining performance with work-life balance?

  • Do believe results comes first, irrespective of work modes and location (home working and the “news of working”) ?

  • Do you think hierarchy is an outdated model and that the “decentralized autonomous organizations” advocated by Frederic Laloux is the way to go ?

  • Do you share the vision of Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) when he claims that “a diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.”

All these tactics have proved to work. But none are magic bullets or one-size-fits-all solutions for winning with talents.

The world of HR is changing, fast.

Let’s be honest : talent management it’s not a level playing field.

Large companies compete against startups.

Yet, it’s not rare for small teams to outperform well established corporate leaders.

Let’s talk about the War for Talents.

And let’s keep in mind that “the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence― It is to act with yesterday’s logic (Peter Drucker).”

We propose you to learn the playbook of entrepreneurs who have an outstanding track record of managing successful teams and companies.


This conference will gather speakers to address key topics :

  • Success stories – Belgian unicorn: Get the inside story and tips from Collbibra’s co-founder and CTO, a university spin-off that is now one of the two Belgian unicorns.

  • Lessons learned: How to combine performance, employee happiness and ownership (and win the 2019 Enterprise of the Year Award) ? Get the tips from Thomas Van Eeckhout (one of the two CEOs of EASI, partner of Salvatore Curaba);

  • Views of shakers and movers: Learn from a panel of leaders (corporate C-levels, scales-ups, coaches to athletes and founders etc.).

Join this conference if you want to:

  • Find out winning strategies for building a successful team and retaining top talents;

  • Share your experience or skills;

  • Debate on the future of work and human resources;

  • Connect with key players that have successfully implemented various winning leadership models.


16:00: Marc Decorte – President, BECI – Welcome words
16:10: Stijn Christiaens – Co-founder & CTO Collibra: Building a Belgian unicorn
16:30: Giles Daoust – CEO, DAOUST – How to work with Generation Y?
16:50: Thomas Van Eeckout – CEO, EASI – How to combine happiness and performance
17:05: Break
17:15: Jean Paul Van Damme – Triple A Solutions – How to hire and nurture 180+ people a year
17:30: Panel & Q&A

  • Iraïs Browaeys – Performance coach, Mentally Fit Institute

  • Jeremy Foucray – Founder, Zetoolbox

  • Jean-Baptiste Ghins – YoungThinkers

18:30 – 20:00: Networking & Catering

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Languages: Speakers (English). Q&A in FR/NL/EN.

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About Growth Circle:

In fast changing business environment, Beci Growth Circle gathers CEO, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to ask a simple question: How to succeed at growing companies in Brussels and beyond?

We organize a series of workshops and networking events to foster debate and education on innovative topics and key drivers for growth.

We bring together companies to help them learn from entrepreneurs who went through success as well as challenges.


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