Business meetings with Spanish companies


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Business meetings with Spanish companies

Business meetings with Spanish companies – Between 8th and 26th April 2024

A delegation of Spanish companies that are members of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid will visit Brussels in April 2024. The objective is to foster business cooperation and facilitate trade exchanges between Spanish and Belgian companies.

BECI / Enterprise Europe Brussels will be partner of this visit coordinated by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. The profiles of the Spanish companies offer interesting business opportunities to Brussels companies and the possibility to grow their international market share.

Six Madrid-based companies from various sectors such as food products (biscuits), special fertilizers, animal organic feed products, machinery, metal and engineering services will participate in the mission.

  • Spanish companies that will be in Benelux from the 8 to the 12th of April:
    • Carbotecnia: Looking for distributors and suppliers of liquid fertilizers (for crops).
    • Santander Global Metal: Looking for big companies in the environmental-industrial-maritime-construction sectors that need specialised machinery or different services related to metallurgy (pressure vessels, boilermaking, engineering, customized machinery, transformed steel products, electroplating, industrial construction, welding, weld overlay, piping…). Looking for companies with big and challenging industrial projects and machining boilermaking.
    • Liptosa (only in Belgium): Looking for producers of farm animal food and/or distributors of nutrients.
    • Marsan: Looking for DIY shops, such as Brico, Gamma, Hubo… and other distributors of electric radiators.

  • Spanish company that will be in Benelux from the 15 to the 19th of April:
    • RISI: Looking for food distributors of gourmet biscuits.

  • Spanish company that will be in Benelux from the 22nd to the 26th of April:
    • FFUUSS: Looking for distributors of hand dryers and soap distributors.

One-to-one business meetings will be organized on request.

List of the Spanish companies with details  



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Date et heure
lundi 8 avril 2024
Commence à 09:00 (Europe/Brussels)
vendredi 26 avril 2024
Fin - 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)

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Avenue Louise / Louizalaan 500
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