From quantity to quality: Transforming workspaces for the future


From quantity to quality: Transforming workspaces for the future

Companies of today face the challenge of adapting their workspaces to the new realities of work. Many organizations find themselves with excess office space due to reduced in-office presence, while still needing to create environments that foster collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being.

To succeed in this new era, businesses must rethink their approach to workspace design and use. With data-driven insights and proven strategies, companies can optimize their office footprint, invest in quality over quantity, and create agile, high-impact workspaces that drive business success.

In this interactive event, we will explore how organizations can do better with less. How the workspaces can support the evolving needs of teams, boost well-being, and improve the quality of face-to-face time.

The program of the session

17:30 - doors open

18:00 - 18:20 - Karim Piron, Measuremen

18:20 - 18:40 - Katya Rablova, Space Refinery

18:40 - 18:55 - Francis De Molder, BECI

18:55 - 19:15 - Q&A

19:15 - 20:30 - networking and catering

The speakers

●       Karim Piron, Managing Director France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland at Measuremen

With 10 years of experience in improving working environments as co-founder of Spaceid and Bold, and then as Managing Director at Measuremen, Karim has dedicated himself to improving working conditions worldwide. With Measuremen, his main role is to collect and analyse data on employee occupancy, activities and experience, to help organisations create ideal working environments for their teams. Karim’s passion for new ways of working (NWOW) drives him to constantly look for innovative solutions to optimise the use of space and improve employee well-being. Karim’s ultimate aim is to help make workspaces more efficient and enjoyable, taking into account the specific needs of each organisation. 

Karim will share how data-driven insights - occupancy studies, asset inventories, and workplace analytics - can optimize space utilization, improve employee experience, and inform strategic decision-making for creating ideal working environments.

●       Katya Rablova, Founder and CEO at Space Refinery

Katya, a workspace interior design specialist with 12+ years of experience, founded Space Refinery in 2016 after studying Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and working as an interior designer in the US. Katya leads a team of 15+ international workspace experts who design and build agile, future-proof, and ergonomic spaces. Aligned with clients' identities and cultures, they transform the offices to accommodate companies’ evolving needs and inspire connection and innovation.

Katya will discuss the evolution of work life, the importance of workspace design for collaboration and well-being, and how to use data insights to create high-impact workspaces and successfully transform them.

●       Francis De Molder, Customer Experience at BECI

Francis will share BECI's experience with their renovated workspace and discuss its impact on the team and business. He will highlight the benefits of investing in quality workspaces, such as improved collaboration, employee satisfaction, and productivity, and offer advice for companies considering similar transformations. 

Free entrance (Mandatory registration)

No-show fee: €50


Date et heure
mercredi 12 juin 2024
17:30 20:30 (Europe/Brussels)

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Avenue Louise / Louizalaan 500
1050 Bruxelles / Brussel

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