BECI's new office: More than a redesign

21 mai 2024 par
BECI Community

As we complete the third and final redesign project, Francis De Molder, BECI's Customer Experience Manager, sits with Katya Rablova, founder and CEO of Space Refinery. We partnered with this design and build studio back in 2019, and today we can confidently share how a well-designed space impacted our community and culture. 

BECI's mission to foster business growth and networking in Brussels required space to accommodate diverse activities and encourage interaction among our members. “When we started to rebuild, it was a strategic decision”, says Francis. “The company is more than 300 years old. We want to give a positive, modern image.” 

“We integrated nature-inspired biophilic design principles across all three floors of this workspace”, says Katya. “We aimed to transform the space into a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming environment that encourages interaction and collaboration.” 
This cohesive design truly embodies the essence of BECI's mission to support their community. 

The team workspace and the events floor 


On the first floor - the team workspace - the Jungle concept brings the outdoors inside. Here you can see a custom 10 meter curved table integrating live plants, a focus library for quiet work, and phone booths for individual calls. The warm, casual atmosphere with organic elements provides a welcoming and productive environment for our team. 

The second floor, dedicated to events and meetings, offers an elegant and inviting area for social lunches, workshops, and networking events with its cozy sofas, a fireplace, and a large open kitchen. Phone booths, meeting rooms, and a creative room with flexible setups enable smooth collaboration. 

The oasis 

“For the ground floor, we intend to have a member area,” says Francis. “It is important that all our members feel at home here.” For this place of refuge and connection in the middle of Brussels, we created the design concept of an Oasis, inspired by mountains, vegetation, and water. The cozy entrance cafe with a custom terracotta coffee bar recalls the majestic mountains. The flexible venues in refreshing blue-green colors represent serene water. The heart of the oasis - an island of greenery with lush plants and a kitchen - offers relief from the vibrant city life and invites people for a refreshing break. 

BECI’s ongoing commitment

The transformation across the three floors has been a resounding success. The team and new members highlight how the inviting atmosphere enhances well-being and fosters a strong sense of belonging. "We have received great feedback from our employees, but also from our members that come here every day, and keep coming back," Francis proudly mentions. 

As we continue our mission, the new space reflects our commitment to supporting Brussels' thriving business community. It's a place where people can connect and collaborate in an environment that puts their well-being first. If you'd like to visit the new space and explore various events offered to BECI’s members and guests, nothing is easier! “Our doors are open to all”,  emphasizes Francis. “Whether you're looking for a place to work, meet new people, or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee, you're always welcome here.”

 Our Member Area is open every day, free of charge, to all our members. Additionally, when you are part of the Beci Community, room rental is at 50% off. 

Become a member in just a few clicks.

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BECI Community 21 mai 2024
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