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The PechaKucha Night is coming to BECI: the 20×20 format for sharing innovation, entrepreneurial or creative stories, in 400 seconds only per speaker, 20 visuals and 20 seconds per visual. Ten speakers will share a case, a passion, an approach in 6 minutes 40 seconds. Join us a for “bla-bla chit chat” evening. On 27th Nov. at 8 pm at BECI.

But what does PechaKucha mean ? and how did it come to Brussels ?


Brussels is boiling

Yes, the city is boiling with creativity., with so many creative activities in different urban parts involving multiple stakeholders. Creativity is everywhere, be it entrepreneurial, social or community-centric. However, it is sometimes difficult to “read” what is happening where.

In 2007, Alok Nandi heard about PechaKucha taking place in Tokyo and thought: “hey I am travelling a lot and realise that I am no more in touch with the city of Brussels and what’s happening here. So, why not launching PechaKucha, hence allowing people to tell their story, talk about their passion, share an idea to be implemented or a successful work. It is about gathering the creative energy of the city from bottom up, and give them the floor.”

So, in short, PechaKucha means blabla in Japanese – the sound of conversation, chit chat. And Brussels needs some blabla to reflect on its creative landscape.

From the first PechaKucha in November 2007 in a loft in reconstruction near place Flagey to today, we have seen more than 1000 speakers sharing their stories, from architecture to photography to gastronomy to many entrepreneurial activities to software activism to scientific achievements to sustainability, AI, consciousness.

Sang Hoon Degeimbre, Pierre Marcolini, Axel Cleeremans, Muriel Bernard, Georges Ataya, Odile Flament, Rozina Spinnoy, Francis Metzger, Base Design, Maison Dandoy, Brasserie Cantillon … the list is long: 1000+ speakers bringing their unique view on the city, shaking and making new stuff. But also speakers from abroad coming to Brussels for conferences like CPDP and other events like Anima, Design Days, WBDM anniversary, as well as a special PechaKucha Kids.

More than 30 locations have hosted PechaKucha Nights, ranging from Bozar, Flagey, Luna Theater to Ancienne Belgique, IMAL, … and now PechaKucha is coming to BECI, with 10 speakers offering a range of diverse topics:

_ Auriane Borremans, La Fille du Boucher, Food Hack Brussels –

_ Elise Coudré – Playful Eating

_ Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, A2M architect – can we regenerate the environment?

_ Shruti Nivas, Assist Digital – Sustainability in Action

_ Philippe Paques, food entrepreneur – ‘Chérie, qu’est-ce qu’on mange’

_ Rob Renaerts, Coduco – Developing ‘Confitures au Lambic’ and new food products

_ Solenne Romagni, Citynova – Co-designing urban policies for making cities more human

_ Anne Roubault, Chairy Tales – Circular Design

_ Jashan Sippy, Sugar and Space – Architecture & Food Design

_ Guillaume Slizewicz, creative coder – The Stack, Promptism & other works

The PechaKucha concept

The PechaKucha concept is pretty simple: each speaker has 400 seconds – 6 minutes 40 sec. – for a presentation in 20 images. Each image is on screen for only 20 seconds. No more, no less.

This PechaKucha format was devised by Klein Dytham Architecture, a bureau in Tokyo, and is now and shared globally, with 1300+ hosting PechaKucha Nights, not to mention all the events. The first PechaKucha took place in 2003 in Tokyo and today more than 1300 cities have PechaKucha Nights. The Brussels edition was launched by Alok b. Nandi in Brussels in 2007 and to date had more than 1000 speakers sharing their narrative in 400 seconds – this is 6 minutes 40 seconds.

PechaKucha Night Brussels Volume 67 is organised by Architempo in partnership with BECI.

Free evening but registration is required on

If you want to learn more about Pecha Kucha concept, come and register to the event on 27 november :


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